• Understanding the authority and power of worship

  • How to run backing tracks with live click and cues

  • Establishing Music Director roles and its duties/responsibilities

  • Live performance software and how to run smooth transitions, loops, and flowing properly

  • Understanding why we worship

  • How to use talkback Mic to communicate with worship team efficiently (music director)

  • How to create backing tracks to fill in for missing musicians

  • Defining excellence

  • The Nashville Number system and how to use it (For Key Changes)

  • Emphasis on the importance of preparation for services

  • How to use In ear Monitors and establish a great individual mix

  • Using Planning Center 

  • Ear Training 

  • Leading confidently

  • Stage Managing & Proper way to soundcheck

  • Defining what worship is and why we do it

  • Identifying the gifts of people in your church to grow your creative team

  • Importance of bringing excellence and being prepared technically and spiritually before a service

About the class


Baruch travels to over 35 countries every year teaching this worship masterclass to empower leaders in every nation to reach the next level in their craft. Baruch has put together a hands on class that is designed to equip worship teams and creatives to aim and reach a higher ground. From professional technical advice to defining worship leading, this class is raising the bar for teams worldwide who sign up and receive this class.

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