about baruch



Baruch Sanchez is a worship Leader, guitarist, music director, missionary and producer currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. Baruch travels to over 35 countries every year on tour doing worship & revival nights. Part of his mission while on tour is to teach a worship masterclass to raise leaders and empower the next generation of musicians and worshippers and has successfully taught a worship and creative masterclass all across South America, USA, Europe, and the Middle East for the last 3 years. Aside from his ministry tours, Baruch has been a part of countless stadium and arena tours as a guitarist for many grammy winning artists worldwide.

Baruch faithfully attends and serves at Hillsong Church and is a part of the worship team in Los Angeles.

Baruch has been done many appearances on T.V and radio globally including networks such as Nickelodeon, TBN, Enlace, MTV, Vos TV, Rock FM, Hillsong Channel and many more. When it come to production and studio, Baruch is the go-to guitarist for some of LA's best producers and has been a part of many grammy winning/nominated albums and hit records.