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BARUCH is a worship leader and missionary currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Baruch travels to over 35 countries every year on a global tour leading worship & revival nights. Part of his mission and passion while traveling is to impact communities at a local level. He does this by teaching a worship masterclass that empowers local leaders, builds team culture, and equips the next generation of musicians and worshippers. Baruch's greatest passion is to pour into your team so that they can lead their city with a great sense of purpose and excellence.


Baruch has successfully taught his worship and creative masterclass all across South America, the USA, Europe, and the Middle East.

Aside from his ministry tours, Baruch faithfully attends and serves as a part of the worship team in Hillsong Los Angeles.

BARUCH has released five original songs and plans to release a full album in December of 2021.

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